002 Living History Series – Alamo Knife

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002 Living History Series – Alamo Knife


Show me someone in America that hasn’t heard of the famous Bowie knife, and I’ll show you someone that is dead to the world of knives. Jim Bowie was a Louisiana man that once found himself in a gunfight armed only with a knife. Fortunately, the other guy missed, and Bowie lived to play his part in a gallant, but ultimately hopeless defense of the Alamo in 1836. This knife is a replica of the design that was made famous during that period in our history. The wood in the handle comes from a live oak that grew on the grounds of the Alamo itself. For more than a century, it shaded visitors to that hallowed place, eventually dying of age. It is graced by a single gold star on each side that represents the fame of the state of Texas.

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Product Description

The Alamo, Gettysburg, Normandy. These and other notable places in American history often give rise to deep, patriotic feelings about the events that took place on those hallowed grounds. Browning, in association with American Forests, offers a special collection of four limited edition Living History knives. Each knife celebrates the great achievements of historic Americans, and the impact they made on their nation. As a testimony to their beauty and craftsmanship, these fine knives have been honored with the Shooting Industry’s “Knife of the Year” award. What truly makes these knives special is the handle, each made from the wood of trees that “witnessed” the history by the principals involved. American Forests will plant trees in habitat restoration projects with each Browning knife sold. When you purchase one of these knives you will become a member of American Forests, the esteemed non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and protecting our beautiful woodlands, and will receive the quarterly publication of American Forests magazine.