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29L-PINK Safety Razor


Introducing Parker’s Women’s Razor –

Produced by the Parker Razor Company in India exclusively for the American market to high standards of excellent value, this particular razor is heavy in the hand and has a non-slip handle. The straight guard is suitable for most hair types. While the styling is contemporary, this razor has the classic TTO (Twist To Open) design. When the handle of the razor is twisted, the top opens like a butterfly exposing the compartment where the blade is inserted. This is a premium quality razor that is both beautiful and functional! Properly cared for, it will last a life time. Quality never goes out of style! This razor is made of solid brass and is nickel plated with a long textured Pinkr handle for slip-free shave in the shower. Includes ten Shark Chrome Blades. Length: 4″. Weight: 2.8 oz.• Long handle for easy reach

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Product Description

Shaving with a Double Edge Safety Razor, a Badger or Boar brush and a high quality blade is a classic that many home shavers and barbershops utilize today for the ultimate close shave. Wet Shaving delivers the smoothest, most comfortable shaves at a fraction of the cost of the newer multi-blade razors. Landfills are not clogged with disposable plastics and the cost of the blades is much more economical for Safety Razors than cartridges. Sure, you’ll need a little practice if you are new to a Safety Razor, but it is well worth it. Shaving will be fun, and the satisfaction of a job well done cannot be beat. Your face will feel smooth, refreshed and healthy.

The safety razors we offer consistently deliver the closest and most comfortable shaves. Come see why many veterans are returning to wet shaving with a safety razor and many from the newer generation have told us they will never use a disposable or cartridge razor again!