Nothing is used more in the kitchen than a good set of sharp steak knives. They must be durable, have a variety of blade styles, and remain sharp, especially when used to process wild game. The fourteen piece Outdoorsman Kitchen Cutlery set has everything necessary for the home, cabin, or camp, including a deep hollow-ground boning knife, game shears, and sharpening steel. It also includes standard household kitchen cutlery and a uniquely designed carving fork with a pigtail twist so it won’t bend when taking a ten pound roast from the pan. The set has a standard chef’s knife with an innovative Granton edge to reduce cutting resistance for carving meat, and six elegant steak knives for table use. Another favorite will probably be the bread knife, which has large serrations, making slicing warn homemade bread easy. The knives are made from quality German high-carbon stainless steel, to ensure the Outdoorsman set will last. The Browning Buckmark is set in durable injection molded handles that are securely riveted to a full tang for a lifetime of pleasurable use.