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E1403030 Meat Block


Size: 30” x 30” x 14” Thick (34” High). Weight: 360 lbs.

Shipped FOB via preferred trucking service.

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Product Description

The Bally Meat Block is the flagship of their Wood Welded line. Commercial meat cutters have used the “Original Butcher Block” for nearly 100 years and today are also a popular item with homeowners. These butcher blocks make impressive kitchen islands. There is no better surface cut on. End grain Butcher Block allows the sharp edge of the knife to cut down between the fibers of the wood. An edge grain board is also a very good cutting surface but because the knife cuts across the grain of the wood it does tend to dull the knife slightly more quickly. What makes Bally’s Meat Block unique is the exclusive “Double Dovetail”. No other company in the world has the capability to manufacture the block in this manner. The Double Dovetail is a special machining technique, which dovetails each lamination so that they are basically locked together. Further more the dovetail itself is tapered so that when the blocks slide together they come to a point of a snug fit. The glue applied to this joint insures the block will last for generations. Often these blocks are passed down through a family or bought and sold on the antique market. NSF (National Sanitation Foundation International) Certified.