FD-1 Flour Duster

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FD-1 Flour Duster


Best manufactures this precision mini sifter. Their stainless steel duster refills with a quick dredge while keeping sticky hands out of flour. Dust dough quickly and efficiently. As you roll out your dough, sprinkle with a mere gentle shower of flour, to prevent sticking and tearing. This old-fashioned flour wand makes “flour dusting” a breeze. Also works well for other ingredients from cocoa to cookie crumbles.

To Use: Dip in flour canister, squeeze handle to open, let go to capture flour. Position over dough, squeeze gently for a dusting of flour, harder for a shower.

For a finer layer of flour than you could apply by hand. More convenient than a sifter.

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Product Description

For over four decades, Best wire whips have been designing and made by their own craftsman in Portland, Oregon. Their national reputation of excellence is based on customer satisfaction and is backed by an unconditional guarantee. Each whip in handcrafted for optimum stirring, beating, mixing, and blending. All of their whips share the identical attention to wire spacing, radius curve and overall length and balance, to match every cooking need and preference. Their 18/8 stainless steel wire construction exceeds industry standards. Wire size, length, and strength are meticulously selected for each design, so whether the task calls for a gentle touch or a bit of muscle, there is a Best whip to meet it.