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The J. A. Schmidt & Son Company was started in 1829 and looks back on a history of more than 175 years. This history has instilled an obligation for the highest quality exclusively made in Solingen, Germany. Created from the finest steels, every piece is hot drop forged, optimally heat treated, hand-assembled, polished, honed, inspected, and finally cut-tested by experienced craftsman. Original DREITURM offers an extensive assortment of scissors, shears, manicure, and pedicure implements for professional and home use. If you are looking to invest in the very best buy Dreiturm with complete confidence.

In 1829 Johann Abraham Schmidt, who was trained in the art of making table knives, founded J.A. Schmidt & Söhne, not far from today's location in Solingen Gräfrath. The Dreiturm trademark was registered in 1856. When Johann Schmidt's son Gustavo Schmidt took over the business in 1890 production already took place in new buildings. To this day Dreiturm goods are manufactured on this very property on Wernerstrasse (Werner Street). In the 19th century the business was taken over by sons of the following generation. Today's CEO, Axel Schmidt, went into the business in 1973. He is leading J.A. Schmidt & Söhne in its 5th generation. His daughter Maike Schmidt-Gäbel has been working in the company since 2004. They are as proud of their family tradition as they are of their location and their products. Being close to tradition and the experience that has been passed on from generation to generation are an inestimable value for us.

Dreiturm offers hundreds different models and sizes for the home, office, professional, and industrial use. Each piece is handcrafted from the best steels, hot dropped forged, hardened, tempered, hand ground, plated, polished, and honed. They are then finally and carefully inspected and individually tested for cutting ability. It takes more than 80 steps to finish one of these steel masterpieces - a guarantee for true workmanship in renowned Solingen fashion.

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