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Exotac was founded by a Purdue Engineering graduate with a passion for all things earth and man-made. They are a family-owned small business based just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Melding a penchant for sleek, sexy, and functional design with a dedication to creating the highest-quality outdoor products, we aim to stay true to our roots by keeping engineering at the core of our business. Spending countless hours developing new ideas to bring the best products to market.  They have learned through experience―getting out there in the great outdoors, getting dirty, trying, failing, persisting, and surviving. These experiences, as well as others’, how to make products better and easier to use so that they work when it counts the most.

Exotac’s engineers work to constantly push the limits of manufacturing to create the best possible products of the highest caliber.  High performance materials and rigorous field testing ensure that our products are built to endure everything from the wear and tear of everyday carry to the harsh conditions of exploration. “Gear for life” is their motto and they stand behind it. Believing in designing and manufacturing products that will last forever and function when you absolutely need them the most. American manufacturing is the core of Exotac’s business. They’ve worked relentlessly to become vertically integrated so nearly every step of the manufacturing process now happens in our factory, under the watchful eyes of the engineers who designed and tested every feature. If a problem arises, we can correct it on the spot, ensuring the highest quality along with a nimble product development cycle.

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