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G. Sakai

G.Sakai is based in Seki, Japan, a small town famous for cutlery production. Founded on the traditions of sword making dating back more than a thousand years, this premium pocket knife company is dedicated to the evolution and constant refinement in its product development. The company mission is to provide the best performance for each specialized design, such as every knife incorporates the latest technology and uncompromising artisanship typical of G.Sakai. Refined art and the critical touch of a master infuse life into every G.Sakai knife, upholding the prominent status the company holds among the knife lovers of the world. The company is currently one of the best know makers of high quality knives in Seki City, the knife center of Japan. They produce knives under their own brand, and also produce knives for a lot of brands around the world.

G.Sakai was a small knife maker when it was founded under the name "Sakai Hamono" in 1958. Sakai Cutlery continually sought to make original knives while contributing greatly for the progress of the knife industry in Seki City. Having been heavily influenced by Gerber Legendary Blades in Portland, OR, they were challenged to catch up with the highest quality then available all over the world and learn more about the criteria for knife making at the same time.

In 1977, Sakai Hamono entered into a manufacturing agreement with Gerber Legendary Blades. The first knives produced were the Silver Knight series that proved to be the turning point for G.Sakai. The success of the Silver Knight series, which sales recorded more than a million pieces over ten years and is thought to be a milestone in the history of world knife industry. Because of this feat, the world market has begun to aware of the high level of the Japanese knife industry.

Sakai Hamono changed the name to G.Sakai Co., Ltd. in 1982. Since then Sakai has continued expanding the line of the original products under the brand name while working on various O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturer) projects for many customers all over the world. In addition to Gerber, they have made knives for Al Mar, Spyderco, SOG, to name a few.

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