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Seki City is a small town located in Gifu-Prefecture in the middle of Japan and is famous worldwide for its production of fine knives like Solingen in Germany.

Cutlery made in Seki dates back to the 13th century, when master swordsmith, Motoshige moved from Kyushu district to Seki and began making his swords here. He chose Seki for its rich natural as well as material conditions. Seki offered pine for charcoal making, good quality iron sand, and the water transport of the Nagaragawa River and Tsugu River. Many swordsmiths gathered in this place with the ideal climatic conditions. The swords of Seki were known "breaking without breaking and cutting well", and its name spread across the country. Seki prospered as a place for making the best swords in Japan, the techniques and skills of the ancient swordsmiths have been passed down for centuries and continue to develop and progress with modern technology. Seki City remains the vibrant hub of Japanese cutlery manufacture.

Fusion of precision and sophistication

The knives of MCUSTA are a product that combines precision and sophistication. Utilizing precision machine technology and hand craftsmanship this fusion is formed. Man (= person) machine (= machine) custom (= precision machining) can be said. The name MCUSTA is a fusion of man, machine, and custom.

MCUSTA knives are made in Seki City, Japan and are the pinnacle of this synthesis between traditional Japanese craftsmanship and modern cutting edge technology. The MCUSTA design team uses the 3D CAM system to design new models and create prototypes. Each knife design is then meticulously inspected and then field tested. At this point the finest materials are chosen for durability, function and beauty. They do not use the conventional method of die stamping their blades like most mass-produced knives. Components are laser cut and C&C machined to assure the best possible precision fit. This is an important step in the production of a superior blade. Each knife is then hand assembled and finished before being inspected by MCUSTA's team of craftsmen.

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