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Some companies simply import or manufacture knives. Others are all about hype.

Nemesis Knives are passionate about knives.

They fill the gap between the truly handmade knife and the mass-produced product. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing methods, both here and abroad, enables them to maintain product consistency and meet demand. Although Nemesis benefits from the tight tolerances the latest technology provides, each knife still requires careful assembly, hand fitting, and final finishing before it can leave their shop. This extra attention to detail is evident in the end product.

After nearly 15 years as a custom knife maker, Jeff Hall provides the scrutiny and experience necessary to produce a production knife a notch above the ordinary.

Nemesis Knives is a nimble company that presents trend-setting custom designs to a wide audience. Their focus is to always create fresh, exciting products for you to use and enjoy and to market them without a lot of needless superlatives. Nemesis believes they are producing a high caliber product that represents good value—one that you will be proud to own.

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