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For ninety years the Estwing family has taken pride in designing and manufacturing the world’s most durable, comfortable and attractive striking tools. All of their tools are manufactured to the highest possible standards and offer a true value to both tradesmen and craftsmen alike. Estwing Mfg. Company was founded by Ernest Estwing in 1923 with patents on one-piece, solid steel forgings. Estwing was originally known for their iconic leather grips and in the 1950’s Estwing introduced their exclusive nylon vinyl grip which was molded directly to the steel hammer shank. This innovative grip quickly became popular with their customers. Estwing’s manufacturing facility is located in the northern Illinois city of Rockford – about 90 miles northwest of Chicago. Estwing product lines are sold throughout the United States, Canada and in many countries around the world. Estwing is excited to introduce the Black Eagle line. These tools expand their offerings for…

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