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The Higo no Kami is unique to Japan and to the world of cutlery. Although there are other friction folders like Opinel and its predecessor Nontron, the Douk Douk, and the Svörd Peasant knife, the Higo no Kami is a design on to itself. Japan’s traditional pocket knife, the Higo no Kami knife, begins in 1896 when a knife maker named Teji Murakami from Hirata in the Miki region took what was very simple folding knife design that did not feature a device to lock the blade and added a lever to the blade, thus giving the knife the look it still has today and ensuring its commercial success. Some sources mention a second bladesmith, Shigeji Nagao was influential in its development. His name will appear again later. The story of the Higonokami intertwines with the tormented history of Japan during the past two centuries. In the middle of the…

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