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Engineered for success. Designed for distinction. The knife you choose to carry defines who you are. Ocaso knives feature modern designs, expert craftsmanship, and premium materials. They start every day with a mission to make the highest quality knives that express elegance, excellence, and individual style. It’s the purpose behind every knife Ocaso makes. Ocaso (oh-kah-soh) means “sunset” in Spanish. They are based in the Ojai Valley in Southern California, in an area that is legendary for “pink moments,” a period just before sunset when the mountain ranges framing the valley take on a brief pink glow. Ocaso specializes in premium gentleman’s, executive, and everyday carry (EDC) pocketknives. Their knives are designed by leading knifemakers in the industry, with careful attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, and superior function. They strive to make the highest quality production knives using premium materials and a refined, elegant design aesthetic. Ocaso’s founder, Ric Valdez,…

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